Powering localised cash services

Streamline the deployment and operation of your independent cash processing network.

Integrated with your existing systems or delivered direct through a whitelabel application, Shrap provides a complete toolset for your cash processing solution.

Designed to work the way you do

Built for flexibility, Shrap modules can extend your capability or provide a comprehensive, out-of-the-box solution.

  • Deploy

  • Get your devices connected, and take your service to market rapidly and cost-effectively.
  • Authorise

  • Secure your service with pre-staged transactions at integrated devices.
  • Onboard

  • Scale with compliant, adaptive user onboarding through Open Banking-powered APIs.
  • Process

  • Offer instant processing and settlement through bank-integrated wallet infrastructure.
  • Report

  • Proactively manage your service through powerful reporting and open integration.

Use cases

User registration & onboarding

  1. Onboard anyone, whether or not they are your customer
  2. Verify and authorise users through Open Banking
  3. Retain ownership of your data throughout the process

Cash deposits & withdrawals

  1. Authorise through the whitelabel app or your custom integration
  2. Define your own commercial terms and service offering
  3. Bypass the complexity of traditional ATM environments

Processing & settlement

  1. Automate the assignment of asset ownership
  2. Provide instant or dynamic deposit settlement
  3. Gain real-time visibility across your operations

Network management   

  1. Optimise deployment and management strategies
  2. Use predictive analytics to rationalise services
  3. Benefit from out-of-the-box device integrations