Building a future-proof cash network

We understand the ongoing importance of cash to local people and businesses.

But we also understand the challenges facing cash: the digitalisation of services, shifting business models and customer expectations.

Despite a significant decline in use, people expect convenient and free access to cash. This is incompatible with traditional operating models for cash services, which depend on high usage volumes and inequitable funding arrangements. The commercials simply don’t stack up any more.

Re-inventing cash infrastructure

In 2020 we started building a new future for cash. Using our experience in cash automation and alternative payment networks, we developed a bridge between physical and digital currency that overcomes the challenges of legacy payment rails and user experience - helping make cash viable for the long-term.

We now work with national retailers, institutions and cash infrastructure operators to support the transition from legacy systems to the new, fit-for-purpose cash network.

Meet the team

Chris Forero-Slee
Head of Banking & Regulation

James Cummins
Head of Product & Technology

Andrew French
Head of Commercial

Dr. Ian Hunt
Head of Policy

Lukasz Czekalski
Lead Developer

Huseyin Memis

Louise O'Hara

David Axson

Our values


  • Cash is essential to preserve a free, just society in which everyone can participate. We respect, value and uphold the right to privacy for everyone in society.


  • Cash doesn’t discriminate. For people from all walks of life, cash is society’s universal means of value exchange. This needs to be protected, and remain accessible to all.


  • We believe in a system that works for everyone. And we think transparent, ethical and equitable business is a win-win for everyone, so we apply this philosophy to all we do.