The payments platform built for cash

Shrap connects the cash and banking ecosystems, powering independent cash networks.

We provide the infrastructure that powers modern cash processing solutions. Whether you are a CIT, hardware vendor or FI, you can use our integrated service to provide your customers with seamless cash and banking interchange.

Cash deposit

Streamline onboarding and compliance, and provide a universal service for cash deposits to verified bank accounts.

Provide same-day credit for retail and commercial deposits, through either a whitelabel app or custom integration.

Cash recycling

Provide an end-to-end service with flexible options for cash recycling.

Shrap enables currency to freely re-circulate within your environment. Whatever your processing model, you can gain control of operations and revenue.

Coin automation

It doesn’t stop at banknotes. Integrate embedded wallets to enable fee-free, anonymous micropayments.

This supports use cases such as retailers issuing digital change for customers to store, exchange and respend.

What are you building?

A new generation of cash services

In 2020, we began reinventing the cash network for the digital age. Using our experience in cash automation and alternative payment networks, we built a bridge between physical and digital currency.

Our platform connects cash processing devices to bank networks via digital wallets that are interchangeable with cash. Intelligent optimisation makes the network scalable and sustainable.

Out with the old,
in with the new…

  • Inefficient legacy systems
  • Declining investment and usage
  • Degraded user experience
  • Flexible, decentralised networks
  • Profitable, sustainable commercial models
  • Modern, affordable user access

Shrap sustains cash in the digital age - preserving its role as society's universal, freely accessible medium of exchange.